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This organically cultivated Tamaryokucha is cultivated and produced in the Prefecture Miyazaki on the Kyushu Island. The name of this variety, which is only produced in relatively small amounts, clearly expresses its quality: Tama = gemstone/jewel | Ryoku = green | Cha = tea. Compared to the Sencha production, the Tamaryokucha retains it original appearance during the production process and reminds slightly of “Chun Mee” due to its mid-green, somewhat rougher, curled leaf. The scent is grassy and fruity and the cup offers hints of lime. Smooth, nutty flavours are accompanied by spinach-like notes and yield a vivid taste experience. Also to be tried by inexperienced fans of green tea.


  • Organic green tea

  • Quantity per liter: 4-5 heaped teaspoons

    Water temperature: 75-80 °C

    Infusion time: 1-3 minutes

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