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In the Middle Ages spices such as pepper were a much sought-after means of payment with which dowries, taxes and debts were paid. The ranking it had in those times is obvious in many sayings. Also cinnamon and ginger are an integral part of life in the Orient. The mysterious world of the Orient, Aladdin and his magic lamp and exotic smells come into our thoughts when looking at this precious, oriental tea decoration. The aromatic, slightly smoky China-Ceylon blend ennobled with Indian spices and rounded off with natural orange flavouring and a creamy vanilla taste.


  • Black tea (84%), orange peel, pieces of cinnamon, bits of ginger, aroma, pieces of vanilla.

  • Quantity per liter: 4-5 heaped teaspoons

    Water temperature: 100 °C

    Infusion time: 3-5 minutes

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