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When giving the names to our tea blends we like our teas to be the inspiration. With our tea creation Perfect World, this was exactly so. After we had made up our minds regarding the ingredients and dosage, we tasted it and then realised unanimously that, when drinking it, we definitely felt as if the world stood still and was perfect for a moment. The lovely and fruity scent and taste of melissa combined with fresh and highly aromatic peppermint, make you forget about the daily stress. Due to the almost acid free composition, this tea is an ideal companion in the evening.


  • Blackberry leaves, chamomile flowers, lemon balm leaves, mint, strawberry leaves, lemon grass, hazel leaves, calendula flowers, rose petals, lavender.

  • Quantity per liter: 3-4 heaped teaspoons

    Water temperature: 100 °C

    Infusion time: 5-10 minutes

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