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If you hear eucalyptus, you maybe think of the cuddly koalas whose main food consists of these leaves. In this composition we have combined the freshness of eucalyptus with the sweetness of peach and orange. Already by opening the bag, the scent of menthol and fruit take you away to the wide open spaces of Australia. Very attractively and colourfully decorated, this composition is a real eye catcher. Orange blossoms and eucalyptus leaves complement one another perfectly and thus guarantee a taste experience of the special kind. Ingredients: red bush tea, eucalyptus leaves, orange peel, flavouring, orange blossoms.


  • Rooibos tea, aroma, freeze-dried whole raspberries, rose petals, pieces of vanilla.

  • Quantity per liter: 4-5 heaped teaspoons

    Water temperature: 100 °C

    Infusion time: 8-10 minutes

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