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Also called "Tua Chua-Lai Chau" in Vietnamese. The leaves of this rarity come from the old "Tuyet San" tea trees which grow up to 10 meters in height in the mountain ranges in Northern Vietnam at an altitude of about 1.500 meters. The mountain tops are covered in thick clouds almost throughout the year. These practically ideal growing conditions guarantee a constant, very high quality. This tea captivates with a smoky-green, beautifully curled leaf. The brewed olive-green leaf discloses the careful processing of the whole leaf, and the golden-colored cup has a full, slightly sweet taste with a fresh, grass-like note. A classical, lovely, gentleman's tea.


  • Organic green tea

  • Quantity per liter: 4-5 heaped teaspoons

    Water temperature: 75-80 °C

    Infusion time: 2-3 minutes


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